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Each purchase you make contributes to the patronage return you earn as a member of Calgary Co-op.

Co-op Wine Spirits Beer Tasting Centres always offer weekly specials, expert advice, liquor licenses and free carry outs. Stop by any one of our locations soon.


80, 250 Shawville Blvd SE, Calgary T2Y 2Z7

Phone: 403-294-1966


39 Crowfoot Way NW, Calgary T3G 2L4
Phone: 403-299-5341


2570 Southland Drive SW, Calgary T2V 4J8
Phone: 403-299-5444


8220 Centre Street NE, Calgary T3K 1J7
Phone: 403-299-7764


5962 Mullen Way NW, Edmonton T6R 0S9
Phone: 780-432-2258

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