Wedding Day Hints and Tips

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Getting married or help plan a wedding this year?

If so, you know just how many details must be considered to ensure a day to remember.  Selecting wines, beers, and/or spirits definitely requires some careful thought and planning.

We have put together a list of our best tips and tricks to help make your planning simple and stress free.

Before you start, ask yourself if these questions:

Before you start, ask yourself if these questions:
  • Will you be having a host bar, meaning will you be covering the cost of all the drinks for your guests at wedding, or will it be a cash bar? Some people like the idea of having a host bar before dinner, serving wine with dinner that is paid for by the couple, and then switching over to a cash bar for the dance portion of the reception.  The choice is yours! You will have to decide what you are comfortable with and how much your budget will allow.
  • Will your bar service offer a mix of spirits for drinks, or just a signature cocktail or punch?
  • How many people in attendance will be of legal drinking age?
  • How many hours do you anticipate your reception will last?
  • Will you be selecting a wine for your wedding toasts?
  • Are you allowed to bring in your own wine to the reception?
  • Do you need a liquor license for your reception?

Rules of Thumb for Planning

Rules of Thumb for Planning
  • Count on 1.5 drinks per guest every hour.
  • For dinner estimate half a bottle of wine per person.
  • Usually the split will be 60/40 red to white but this will depend on your menu choice.
  • You will need one bartender for every 50 guests.
  • You will get roughly six glasses of wine or sparkling wine per bottle.
  • An alcoholic punch or signature cocktail is a great way to stay in line with your budget and personalize your day.
  • Make sure the venue knows to only open bottles that are being used and not to pre-open too many so that you are not left with wasted product.
  • It is ok to just offer wine or beer - It is your day.
  • Be sure to have non-alcoholic selections and water available for your guests.
  • Always choose what you like - It is your day!

Extra Considerations

Extra Considerations
  • Ice - Always make sure that you have enough ice for your bar and to chill your wine.
  • A drink menu in a frame on the bar makes it easy for your guest to know what the options are and if there are any costs involved without any misunderstandings.
  • For toasts at the reception consider sparkling wines other than champagne to help keep the costs down.  Many wines such as cremant from France or prosecco from Itaty make a great alternatives.
  • After dinner additions to the bar such as brandy or liqueurs should be considered if you feel that you would enjoy having them.
  • If you are having children attend the wedding, a selection of juice boxes and child friendly drinks is always a good idea.
  • Be sure to try the wine being served at your event before the day of your wedding.
  • If you are choosing wines that are special to both of you, share the story at the dinner tables on a card to let people know why it has been selected.
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