Bringing Wine and Food Together


Are you feeling confused and mystified by all the "rules" of food and wine pairing? Let us help with our hints and tips.

Food and wine pairing doesn't have to leave you feeling confused. Our helpful tips and hints can make choosing a wine for every day or any event as easy as one, two, three. Always remember the only two 'rules' you must follow in food and wine pairing are that you are your own judge, and to always drink what you enjoy. Here are some of our top hints to help you choose a great wine every time.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Is the wine or the meal the main focus?
  • Will one or more wines be used for the meal?
  • Where are you dining – inside or outside?
  • Special occasion or everyday meal?

Quick Hints

  • Match regional foods with regional wine
  • Light foods go best with light wines 
  • Pair flavours in wine with flavours in the food – for instance apple in Chardonnay
  • Match the weight of the wine with the weight of the food
  • Pair to the strongest flavour in the dish 
  • Opposites can work! Sweet with spicy
  • Smoked foods pair well with oak

Wine Chemistry and Food Pairing

  • Tannins react with cream to create a metallic taste
  • Salty foods highlight alcohol 
  • Sugar neutralizes sugar
  • Salty and sweet can balance each other
  • Acidity will highlight tannin
  • Wine temperature can change its flavours

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